World Environment Day 2019

Sonop Solar are wearing masks at work today to create awareness around air pollutions.
Nine out of ten people worldwide breathe polluted air and it’s time we take action.
Today on the 5th June 2019 #WorldEnvironmentDay we at Sonop Solar are as always in the front lines of the battle for cleaner and greener living.
Since 2014 Sonop Solar have been providing cleaner greener energy country wide while creating jobs in an environment that runs on green energy.
What are you going to do today to #BeatAirPollution ?
Join the #WorldEnviromentDay challenge and create awareness around air pollution with UN Environment.
#BeatAirPollution on #WorldEnvironmentDay
Sonop Solar, we are the change you want to see in the world.
If would like your office to run on cleaner energy feel free to contact at or browse around on the website:

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