Roof mounted installation in progress.

Depending on the roof angle, type of roof, site size, wind and roof “strength” with be the deciding factor mostly where to install or what mounting structure to use.

Sonop Solar preparing site for roof mounted installation.

Roof mounted or ground mounted systems . At Sonop Solar we expertly install solar systems in the Western and some Northern Cape region of South Africa.

Victron Self-consumption System

Type: Victron Hybrid System
Size: Victron 5kva System with 4.55kw PV and 10kwh Lithium battery

Victron Hybrid Backup System for Business

Type of System : Hybrid
Size of System : Victron 5kva System with 4.98kw PV and 7kwh Lithium storage.

Victron Hybrid System for a Holiday Home

Type : Victron Hybrid System
Size : Victron 5kva System with 3.32kw PV and 7.2kwh Lithium Battery
Mounting Structure : Renusol Corrugated Structure

Grundfos SQFlex Solar Pumping System

Type: Borehole
Brands: Grundfos, Grundfos Africa and Canadian Solar Inc.
Mounting Structure: Pole Ground Mounted Structure

5 KVA Victron System

Type: Hybrid System
Size: 5 KVA
Mounting Structure: Corrugated Roof Mounted

Packhouse Grid-Tie Solar System Upgrade

Type: Grid-Tie | Self consumption
Size: 100 KW
Mounting Structure: IBR Roof mounted

10 KVA Off-Grid System

Size: 10 KVA System
Type: Off-Grid
Mounting Structure: Tiled – Corrugated

15 KW Solar Pump System

Size: 15 KW
Type: Solar Pump System
Mounting Structure: IBR Roof

7.5 KW Solar Pump System

Size: 7.5 KW
Type: Solar Pump System
Mounting Structure: Ground Mount

5 KW Off-Grid System

Size: 5 KW
Type: Off-Grid
Mounting Structure: Klip Lok Roof

45 KVA Hybrid System

Size: 45 KVA
Type: Hybrid
Mounting Structure: IBR Roof

30.72 KW Grid-Tie System

Size: 30.72
Type: Grid-Tie
Mounting Structure: IBR Roof

4.2 KW Hybrid System

Size: 4.2 KW
Type: Hybrid
Mounting Structure: IBR Roof