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Pylon Brackets for US2000B

R552.00 excl. VAT
A set of battery brackets which allows vertical stacking of the Pylon battery unit. 1 set required per additional battery added.

Pylon Cable Pack for US2000B/US3000B

R276.00 excl. VAT
This cable pack includes the following cables: 2 x 2m long power cables (positive and negative) 1 x 3.5m RJ45 Communication cable (Not for CAN communication)

Pylon Low Voltage Communication Hub

R6,798.00 excl. VAT
Pylon Low Voltage Communication Hub LV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection. The

SolarMD Logger V2

R4,185.00 R3,050.00 excl. VAT
SolarMD Logger V2 Solar MD Logger V2 is designed for monitoring and control Solar MD Energy storage products as well