Hybrid 5kw Goodwe System with 6.6kw PV and 14kwh Lithium battery bank.

Hybrid 5kw Goodwe System with 6.6kw PV and 14kwh Lithium battery bank.
The system was installed in Moorreesburg.

Wholesale Discount Shopping

Wholesale Discount Shopping Wholesale clients receive discount pricing on all products that can only be seen when logged in under

Roof mounted installation in progress.

Depending on the roof angle, type of roof, site size, wind and roof “strength” with be the deciding factor mostly where to install or what mounting structure to use.

Sonop Solar preparing site for roof mounted installation.

Roof mounted or ground mounted systems . At Sonop Solar we expertly install solar systems in the Western and some Northern Cape region of South Africa.

Did you know you can finance your Sonop Solar system?

Did you know you can finance your Sonop Solar system?   We are fortunate to qualify at almost all financing

Why trust Sonop Solar online store products ?

Sonop Solar work with the solar product we sell, we only sell those we know work and work only with quality products that gives great after service platforms.

Sonop Solar are authorized Victron installers.

We are one of the few solar installers and suppliers in South Africa that are authorized Victron installers.

Victron Self-consumption System

Type: Victron Hybrid System
Size: Victron 5kva System with 4.55kw PV and 10kwh Lithium battery

Victron Hybrid Backup System for Business

Type of System : Hybrid
Size of System : Victron 5kva System with 4.98kw PV and 7kwh Lithium storage.

Festive Greeting 2020 – Closed 18 Dec 2020 – 18 Jan 2021

Sonop Solar wish you a blessed green festive season!
Closed: 18 December 2020 – 18 January 2021. All orders placed during these dates will be processed after the 18th January 2021

Sonop Solar is a proud certified Victron Energy installer.

Sonop Solar is a proud certified Victron Energy  installer. Not only do we use this top quality brand in installations but we sell it online and deliver country wide.

Three Phase Grid Tie Solar installation

At Sonop Solar we sell, install and advise on solar system.
6kw Three Phase Grid Tie PV System.
Offset high electricity costs during the day.

Hybrid solar certified system installer

Hybrid solar or PV module certified system installer in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa is Sonop Solar.
24kva 3 Phase Hybrid System with 15.8kw PV System in progress.

15kva 3 phase Hybrid System

15kva 3 phase Hybrid System is used as a solutions when there are loadshedding. Hybrid solar systems use a combination of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

Best solar installers in the Western Cape of South Africa?

Sonop Solar believes to personally walk the client through the project at the conclusion of each. Not just transferring the ownership, but educating the client to maintain it. We believe in sustainability.

Why Sonop Solar installer in the Western and Northern Cape has a PV Green Card?

The South African PV GreenCard is a safety certification, a quality assurance standard, and training programme for solar PV installers.

Off Grid pre-build system with back plate – 10 KVA

Preprogrammed according to system and components specifications. All pre ordered back plate systems are programmed and assembled before to ensure that everything works accordingly.

World Environment Day 2019

Sonop Solar are wearing masks at work today to create awareness around air pollutions. Nine out of ten people worldwide breathe polluted air and it’s time we take action.

CLOSED – Accounting position in Sonop Solar

CLOSED – Accounting position in Sonop Solar Duties of the accountant will include but is not limit to: Fully in charge

Preparing and spacing a backplate for installations.

In some lines of work it’s a good thing if your a perfectionist, Sonop Solar is one of them. Shipping Solar products countrywide and giving technical advice on these maybe how you know us, but installations and working with our hands is our favourite!

How to wash your Solar panels.

Sonop Solar really believes that to install a solar PV Module system is just the beginning. It is in taking care of the solar PV module renewable system that most problems occur.

Sonop Solar knows the ways to finance your solar system

Don’t stress about the costs of an Solar System. Sonop Solar has a financing solution for your renewable energy project.

Hybrid Storage System with a Freedom Won LIFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery.

Sonop Solar installed a Hybrid ESS System with 4.2kw PV Power, charging a 15kw Lithium battery with a Victron Smart Solar MPPT. This Hybrid system is used for daily running the household and charging of batteries.

Solar Power, Sun Energy or Renewable Energy for your home.

Whether you call it solar power, sun energy or renewable energy. We know the only thing you really care about is to have something that works for your home. Sonop Solar can help you step by step with this process of understanding the green world that you want to enter.

How an Inverter works in layman’s terms.

Suppose you have a battery in a flashlight and the switch is closed so DC flows around the circuit, always in the same direction, like a race car around a track. Now what if you take the battery out and turn it around.

Small off Grid System for mountain cottage in the Cederberg.

PV Power/h : 2.475kwh
Total PV Power/day : 12.375kwh
Battery Capacity : 11.52kwh

Victron sold online in South Africa at Sonop Solar

Victron is a professional choice for independent electric power. Sonop Solar offers a wide range of quality renewable energy Victron products online with the best price and quality.

If it is big or small- Sonop Solar can do it all.

30.72 KW Grid-Tie System

30.72 KW Grid-Tie System

Our Team- Sonop Solar

Sonop Solar installation team. Here at Sonop Solar we are so lucky to be able to work with amazing people on great project and make a difference.

7.5 KW Solar Pump System

12.24 Kw PV modules generate enough power for a 7.5KW pump. Pumping water from 100m depth and delivering 12 000 liters per hour.

Solar is the answer – Sonop Solar

In the end, it’s all about taking ownership and maintaining what we have been in trusted by Him to preserve; our Environment. Thank you for being part of the change.

Solar Pump Solution

Why ‘Hire” your power every month, when you can own it? Sonop Solar has a solar pumps solution for your off-grid bore hole.

Can the average person afford Solar panels?

Yes, you can also afford a solar system for your home! We are so excited that South African Banks are for renewable energy. You can now easily select and finance a fully-customised renewable energy system for your home.

Is solar and wind energy feasible ?

This cartoon made us laugh. “Solar and Wind isn’t feasible” … Ha! We beg to differ. Other countries are investing in renewable energy and it is paying off, not only in the environment but also financially.