Roof mounted installation in progress.

Roof mounted installation in progress.

Sonop Solar can install a solar system either on your roof or ground mounted.
Depending on the roof angle, type of roof, site size, wind and roof “strength” with be the deciding factor mostly where to install or what mounting structure to use.
Sonop Solar expertly install the following systems in the Western Cape and some Northern Cape region:
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Sonop Solar preparing site for roof mounted installation.

Sonop Solar preparing site for roof mounted installation.

At Sonop Solar we expertly install solar systems in the Western and some Northern Cape region of South Africa.
Our efficient Solar installations teams are all PV Green Card accredited with years of electrical and solar experience.
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Technical personal will be in charge of pre-site monitoring, designing and programming the correct systems and solar products to your needs.
Qualified engineers ensures that everything structure wise is to standard, while electricians will ensure that the AC part of the installation is in good order.
We supply our installations clients with a certificate of compliance along with a project report that includes, serial numbers, maintenance suggestions and the Installation summary.
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Sonop Solar offers financing of Solar systems

Did you know you can finance your Sonop Solar system?

Did you know you can finance your Sonop Solar system?

We are fortunate to qualify at almost all financing institutes for green financing options.
Sonop Solar does not supply any financing solutions but can put you in contact with the relevant institutions to help you through the process.
There are a couple of options that could be looked at when financing a system.
  • For individuals and sole proprietors there is Green fin and your own bank. We have found that the best is to use a bond on your property where the system should be installed.
  • For companies there is financing through your bank and rental agreement.
  • All the products that we use are bankable products.
The banks are constantly developing new products for the Renewable market, so please get in contact with us for any new developments.
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Online Solar store delivering to you

Why trust Sonop Solar online store products ?

Why trust Sonop Solar online store products ?

Sonop Solar work with the solar product we sell, we only sell those we know work and work only with quality products that gives great after service platforms.

Not only does Sonop Solar deliver to nationwide, but we keep our clients up to date with tracking details every step of the way.

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Authorized Victron Solar installer

Sonop Solar are authorized Victron installers.

Sonop Solar are authorized Victron installers.
We are one of the few solar installers and suppliers in South Africa that are authorized Victron installers and very happy that we are.
Victron Energy provides power to high end quality solutions to off-grid and solar markets around the world and they provide distributors with training and resources so that they can provide sales, support, servicing, design and warranty to customers. It’s no surprise that Victron is one of Sonop Solar’s top choices in brands to expertly install in South Africa.
If you would like to buy quality , Victron is your brand.
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Data Sheet for Victron Installation Installed by Sonop Solar

Victron Self-consumption System

Type: Victron Hybrid SystemSonop Solar installation roof mount in Western Cape.jpg Branded
Size: Victron 5kva System with 4.55kw PV and 10kwh Lithium battery

Brands Used: Victron Energy Southern Africa, JA Solar and FreedomWon.

Destinations: Brackenfell
Year: 2021

Sonop Solar installed a Victron Hybrid System for a client in Brackenfell for self -consumption. As can be seen on Data sheet below client has only used 2.1kwh from the grid since it has been installed in February.

We can`t wait to see how this specific system will perform during Winter.

Data Sheet for Victron Installation Installed by Sonop Solar

Victron Hybrid Backup System for Business

Type of System : Hybrid
Size of System : Victron 5kva System with 4.98kw PV and 7kwh Lithium storage.

Brands used in system: Victron Energy B.V.
Canadian Solar, Pylontech, Renusol Mounting Structure

Destination: Swellendam

Year : 2021

Sonop Solar installed a system for business who needed a solution to continue business during load shedding.
This system provided them with that needed power.
When there are no Load shedding they benefit from savings on their current electricity bill.

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Victron Hybrid System for a Holiday Home

Type : Victron Hybrid System
Size : Victron 5kva System with 3.32kw PV and 7.2kwh Lithium Battery
Brands Used : Victron Energy Southern Africa , Pylontech , Canadian Solar Inc.
Mounting Structure : Renusol Corrugated Structure
Location : Clanwilliam
Date : 2020
Sonop Solar installed a Victron Hybrid system in a vacation home in the Cederberg.
The client needed a solution for load shedding especially during lockdown when he worked from there.
The solution provided lets the customer be more independent from the grid and also enjoys about 60 – 70% savings from the system installed.

Festive Greeting 2020 – Closed 18 Dec 2020 – 18 Jan 2021

Sonop Solar wish you a blessed green festive season!

Closed: 18 December 2020 – 18 January 2021

All orders placed during these dates will be processed after the 18th January 2021

Last orders for 2020 – 11 December 2020 – cleared before 12:00


Please note that Sonop Solar is fully booked for installations up to the end of December 2020. Will only book new installations approved for 2021.

Sonop Solar only installs in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa.


*Closed *

Please note that Sonop Solar is closed for the Festive season:  18 December 2020 – 18 January 2021.

Please send us an email to if you would like us to contact you in 2021 for an installation in the Western or Northern Cape.



All orders placed online during closed dates will only be processed after the 18th January 2020.

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