Preparing and spacing a backplate for installations.

Preparations for installation in progress.

In some lines of work it’s a good thing if your a perfectionist, Sonop Solar is one of them.

Shipping Solar products countrywide and giving technical advice on these maybe how you know us, but installations and working with our hands is our favourite!

Here one of our installers is working on sizing and spacing a backplate for a installation.

It’s not only about putting the units together on one board, but also about creating a beautiful picture to look at.

When it can’t look good, it can always still be neat and do a damn good job in creating a greener environment.

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Contact us if you need a installation in the Western or Northern Cape.

Types of installation options available:
1. Grid-Tie System
2. Off-Grid System
3. Hybrid System
4. Battery Backup
5. Solar Pump System
6. Upgrades & Repairs

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