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How to wash your Solar panels.

How to wash your Solar panels.

Sonop Solar really believes that to install a solar PV Module system is just the beginning. It is in taking care of the solar PV module renewable system that most problems occur. Maintaining the batteries, keeping the inverters ventelised and especially keeping the PV modules/ Solar panels clean can sometimes be a problem to our client or the easiest thing to neglect. This is why Sonop Solar will like to give a a few tips on how to clean or wash your solar panel.

Below is a few things to help you at least clean your solar panels and keep them in a good shape.

How to wash your Solar PV Module:

You do not need any special equipment to wash or clean solar panels, just elbow grease, a duster, two clean cloths, a broom  and the knowledge not to step on the panels.

  • Use a duster to dust most of the dust off. ( Take care not to step on the solar panels and rather call a professional for assistance if your panels are on your roof)
  • If there is still a lost of dust, mix luke warm water with dishwashing liquid to wipe  it off. With water restrictions it is wise to put the water in a spray bottle to use less water on a larger surface
  • If the solar panels /PV Modules has hard to remove filth on them use a broom with soft brushes to wash it of mixed with the above luke warm water.
  • Take a clean cloth with clean water and wipe /wash ascess soap water from panel to ensure no soapy residue remains.

We strive to give every client a easy to understand manual to take care of their systems after every installation. We believe if the client takes care of their system, the system will take of them.This manual contains suggestions for the custom Solar PV Module system installed at the client or project..

We advise to service the your system at least once a year by a professional to ensure all the programs are running up to date and all the systems components are in a healthy environment and working as effect as they possibly can.

Contact Sonop Solar for more information on taking care of your PV Module Solar System or to book a maintenance check up.

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