What makes Sonop Solar one of the best solar installers in the Western Cape of South Africa?

Sonop Solar is one of the best solar installers in the Western Cape of South Africa because of the following reasons:
  • ☆ Sonop Solar installation teams are .
  • ☆ Only are used in installations.
  • ☆ Sonop Solar teams are extremely and neat.
  • ☆ Sonop Solar installation teams work with Solar because this is .
Sonop Solar believes to personally walk the client through the project at the conclusion of each. Not just transferring the ownership, but educating the client to maintain it. We believe in sustainability. Thus we provide the client with all the necessary product information, a suggested maintenance plan and checklist to ensure their product performs efficient and effective for the longest of time.
Sonop Solar offers the following solar system installation solutions in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa.
1. Grid-Tie System
2. Off-Grid System
3. Hybrid System
4. Battery Backup System
5. Solar Pump System
6. Upgrade & Repair
7. Online Solar Store – Delivers nationwide from the nearest in stock warehouse (not open to public)
To get your custom solar system installation quote:
info@sonopsolar.co.za | 022 001 0049
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