The South African PV GreenCard is a safety certification, a quality assurance standard, and training programme for solar PV installers. Quality and safety are assured via the specialized education and training provided to solar PV installers prior to them being certified and registered on the PV GreenCard database. This certification means that these installers are proficient and compliant with all of the relevant national and municipal electrical regulations.

On completion of an installation, a certified PV GreenCard installer will issue the client with both a digital and physical document that details all of the specifications of the solar PV system as well as a checklist that all of the required installation steps have been completed to the required standard. This document can in turn be used as proof of compliance for insurance, finance, and regulatory purposes.

The PV GreenCard opens new business opportunities to Solar PV SMEs and entrepreneurs wanting to access this market and provides customers with peace of mind that their system is safe, compliant, and in line with international quality standards.

The PV GreenCard programme supports SAPVIA’s aim for the orderly development and continued cohesion of the roof-top Solar PV market segment. The protection and confidence of affected stakeholders (Solar PV installation companies, Solar PV system owners, investors, banks, insurance companies, electricity distributors (i.e. municipalities and Eskom), and relevant state organs) have been consulted and catered to through this initiative.
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