Victron 10 kVA system with 16.62 kw PV and 28.6 kwh lithium battery.

Victron 10 kVA system with 16.62 kw PV and 28.6 kwh lithium battery.
Upgraded from a Victron 10 kVA system with 5.58 kw PV and 20.16 kwh lead-acid batteries.
Brands used:
Victron Energy Southern Africa,
Canadian Solar Inc.,
– Fronius ,
Solar MD,
– Lizard mounting structure.
This solution is used for residential purposes.
This system is designed to give the user 60% to 80% savings on their electrical bill.
During load shedding, it can maintain essentials for approximately 12 hours plus.
First image – Upgraded System
Second image – Before the upgrade.
Sonop Solar Renewable Energy Solutions in the Western Cape offer the following solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural, and rural:
– Off-Grid Systems
– Grid-Tie Systems
– Battery Back-up Systems
– Hybrid Systems
– Solar Pumps systems
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Installation in progress in Piketberg, Western Cape.

Installation in progress in Piketberg, Western Cape.
Products used:
Railings and clamps:
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Independent Hybrid Victron System

Independent Hybrid Victron System

This type of Victron installation is so exciting. They ensure our clients are totally independent of the grid.
Who would want to hire something every month went you can own it?
Installation details are below:
Type: Hybrid Victron Energy B.V. 5kva System with 7.29kw PV and 7.4kwh Lithium battery
Size: 5kva
Brands Used: Victron Energy Southern Africa, JA Solar, Solar MD
Destination: Durbanville.
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Victron Hybrid Backup System for Business

Type of System : Hybrid
Size of System : Victron 5kva System with 4.98kw PV and 7kwh Lithium storage.

Brands used in system: Victron Energy B.V.
Canadian Solar, Pylontech, Renusol Mounting Structure

Destination: Swellendam

Year : 2021

Sonop Solar installed a system for business who needed a solution to continue business during load shedding.
This system provided them with that needed power.
When there are no Load shedding they benefit from savings on their current electricity bill.

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Hybrid solar certified system installer

Hybrid system:

Hybrid solar or PV module certified system installer in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa is Sonop Solar.
24kva 3 Phase Hybrid System with 15.8kw PV System in progress.
Victron Quattro, Fronius Symo, Blue Nova batteries and Canadian PV Modules
24kva 3 phase Hybrid System
To offset ever increasing electricity costs during the day while running a 7.5kw Pump during the day and normal household and battery backup for when utility fails to keep the pump and household still running and having power.
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15kva 3 phase Hybrid System

15kva 3 phase Hybrid System

15kva 3 phase Hybrid System is used as a solutions when there are loadshedding.

Hybrid solar systems use a combination of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems.

These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

Sonop Solar  certified solar installers in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa has the following solutions ; Grid-Tie System, Off-Grid System, Hybrid System, Battery Backup System, Solar Pump System and Upgrade & Repair services.

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Sonop Solar best installers in Western Cape South Africa - Big hybrid solar system installed




Hybrid Storage System with a Freedom Won LIFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery.

Hybrid Storage System with a Freedom Won LIFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery


Sonop Solar installed a Hybrid ESS System with 4.2kw PV Power, charging a 15kw Lithium battery with a Victron Smart Solar MPPT.

This is Hybrid ESS(Energy storage system) system consists out of an:

This Hybrid system is used for daily running the household and charging of batteries.

The Property is running of the batteries when solar is not available anymore.

When battery reaches a certain SOC(State of Charge) loads are bypassed to the grid again.

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