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Storage capacity upgrade

Storage capacity upgrade.

Sonop Solar completed an upgrade in Somerset-Wes from a 5kva inverter to a 10kva inverter capacity as well as upgraded the 9.6kwh storage to 20kwh storage. 

The end result is a Victron 10kva with 8.74kw PV and 20 kwh Storage .


Why client upgraded:

The Client upgraded to a larger battery back to increase the storage capacity that would enable him to have longer grid independence when the grid is down. 


Brands used for upgrade: 



Sonop Solar is an authorized Victron Energy Southern Africa installer.
System partner to Fronius Solar Energy and certified PVGreenCard installer.

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Sonop Solar renewable energy solutions in the Western Cape of South Africa installs:
  1. Grid-Tie,
  2. Off-Grid,
  3. Hybrid,
  4. Battery backup and
  5. Solar Pump installations with a professional team.

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