Off Grid pre-build system with back plate – 10 KVA

Off Grid pre-build system with back plate – 10 KVA

This 10 KVA pre-assembled back plate consisted out of the following:
Victron Quattro 48/10 000 VA
• Victron Smart MPPT 250|100
• 5-String PV Combiner box + SPD
• Battery Combiner Box + Fuses
• AC Switch gear with generator input
• Cable, trunking, lugs and accessories all fitted and pre wired.
• Grey painted wooden back board

Preprogrammed according to system and components specifications.

All pre ordered back plate systems are programmed and assembled before to ensure that everything works accordingly.
Some components are removed before shipping to ensure it won’t be damaged and shipped separately.

Receiver requires a qualified personal to :
• Install
• Receive COC ( to ensure that the product warranty and guaranty will stay intact )

Order your pre build back plate system from Sonop Solar.
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Lead Time: 5 – 10 working days

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