Sonop Solar online store offers Wholesale / discount pricing

Getting the next Victron Energy  orders ready for shipment.
Place your order online at www.sonopsolar.co.za
/ :
Wholesale prices are discount pricing available online to installers & approved clients when logged in.
Please send us an email to register for wholesale pricing. info@sonopsolar.co.za
The easy process of ordering or placing a request for a quote Online at

Sonop Solar
Online Store:
Here you can easily browse and compare products.
Take a look at their specifications, prices and stock levels.
1. When satisfied with product, place your order by:
2. Add to cart
3. Type in deliverer address
4. Type in Billing details
5. Check out and place order
6. Wait for your quote with correct or missing items added (if necessary) with the calculated delivery cost.
7. Eft payment after receiving final quote.
8. Delivery takes 3-5 days depending or location and season.

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