How an Inverter works in layman’s terms.

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October 1, 2018
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How an Inverter works in layman’s terms.

How an Inverter works in layman’s terms and one of the reason behind System “problems”.

Before reading further ask yourself – how many times have you called an IT guy to help you or your business with a computer related problem?
Keep in mind that Solar Energy works with the same ever changing technology, so chances are you might have to call support for software issues as well for you solar related products.
So here we go…

Lets try to explain an inverter in an easy way:

Suppose you have a battery in a flashlight and the switch is closed so DC flows around the circuit, always in the same direction, like a race car around a track. Now what if you take the battery out and turn it around. Assuming it fits the other way, it’ll almost certainly still power the flashlight and you won’t notice any difference in the light you get—but the electric current will actually be flowing the opposite way. Suppose you had lightning-fast hands and were deft enough to keep reversing the battery 50–60 times a second. You’d then be a kind of mechanical inverter, turning the battery’s DC power into AC at a frequency of 50–60 hertz.
Of course the kind of inverters you buy in electrical / Solar stores don’t work quite this way, though some are indeed mechanical: they use electromagnetic switches that flick on and off at high speed to reverse the current direction.
Inverters like this often produce what’s known as a square-wave output: the current is either flowing one way or the opposite way or it’s instantly swapping over between the two states.
This above is a short and easy version of how an inverter works in layman’s terms, but to try and explain the different Solar ( DC to AC) inverter with its technology is like trying to explain how a computer works to your great grandmother.
With that said, we at Sonop Solar know it is time to start educating our clients.

So to the first step in inverters educations:

Inverters work with programs / software, like an computer work with programs and software, these programs or software sometimes needs upgrades or ‘tweaks’ and this is a major reason behind most System installations not working immediately or failing after a while .
It can take seconds, minutes to weeks sometimes to get the programs between component to communicate or work.
The above is also the reason that we at Sonop Solar sometimes would recommend certain products above other, because of the version of software and capability of upgrading that software easy and efficient as well as get support.
Note that the product support team available could be the reason behind putting a 10 k more down for a product. So that when the installer or client has a problem that there is a team ready to give accurate and immediate support and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Technology is an ever changing ball game and it would be unfair to expect everyone to always understand.
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