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Completed upgrade Hybrid system.

Upgrade from Pylontech to FreedomWon completed.

Location: Somerset Wes, Western Cape, South Africa.
Type: Upgrade / Repair
Solution: Hybrid System
Reason for upgrade:
Previously Installed capacity Pylontech batteries could not carry the discharge current so Sonop Solar installed a FreedomWon 20/16 which can handle the discharge current.
See the last picture of the previous installation NOT by Sonop Solar.
The previous system was unfortunately not installed properly and according to regulations. We thus changed and upgraded the system so that it is installed according to regulation.
We also needed to rewire the PV Modules.
O U R   S O L U T I O N S :
  • • Grid-Tie System
  • • Off-Grid System
  • • Hybrid System
  • • Battery Backup System
  • • Solar Pump System
  • • Upgrade & Repair
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