What Solar Installer to choose ?

Three Phase Grid Tie Solar installation
Three Phase Grid Tie Solar installation
October 10, 2019

What Solar Installer to choose ?

Sonop Solar installer in Western Cape South Africa

4 Reasons why people chooses Sonop Solar installers:


You don’t know what Solar installer to choose or even what to look for.

Sonop Solar can give you four reasons to choose them as your solar installers.

  1. Sonop Solar is professional certified Solar installer.
  1. Sonop Solar chooses to only work with the best quality products.
  2. At Sonop Solar we love what we do thus, we are simply great at it.
  1. Sonop Solar is honest. If we honestly believe that whatever version of a solar system/product you want is less than standard, we will say so or simply choose not to be part of the installation.



     "We choose to give our best,
Work with only the best,
 thus the results are the best."
- Sonop Solar.


Website: www.sonopsolar.co.za
Contact: info@sonopsolar.co.za

To be the best, we too need our rest.
Sonop Solar will be closed for the festive season:
13 December 2019 - 13 January 2020

Want us to contact you in 2020 ?
Send us a n email to info@sonopsolar.co.za


26th March 2020 – 16 April 2020

All orders will be  processed during this period, but will only be  shipped tentatively after the 16th April 2020.

The following off-site assistance will still be available:

Services that  WILL NOT be available:

Please use this email address to reach us:



Sonop Solar (Pty) Ltd will offer support to companies providing essential infrastructure and critical business continuity services as outlined by the president only. With an emergency request, the customer must supply proof that the item/service requested is for authorized essential services. Staff who will need to travel will need to present this proof should they be stopped by law enforcement agencies.

Stay calm, be safe and be GREEN.