Authorized Victron Solar installer

Sonop Solar are authorized Victron installers.

Sonop Solar are authorized Victron installers.
We are one of the few solar installers and suppliers in South Africa that are authorized Victron installers and very happy that we are.
Victron Energy provides power to high end quality solutions to off-grid and solar markets around the world and they provide distributors with training and resources so that they can provide sales, support, servicing, design and warranty to customers. It’s no surprise that Victron is one of Sonop Solar’s top choices in brands to expertly install in South Africa.
If you would like to buy quality , Victron is your brand.
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Victron Hybrid Backup System for Business

Type of System : Hybrid
Size of System : Victron 5kva System with 4.98kw PV and 7kwh Lithium storage.

Brands used in system: Victron Energy B.V.
Canadian Solar, Pylontech, Renusol Mounting Structure

Destination: Swellendam

Year : 2021

Sonop Solar installed a system for business who needed a solution to continue business during load shedding.
This system provided them with that needed power.
When there are no Load shedding they benefit from savings on their current electricity bill.

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