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GeyserWorx PV Water Heating System (with Wifi + Software)

R12,813.00 excl. VAT

Save between 20% – 30% on electricity consumption.

Easy and quick installation of the system.

Can use the existing geyser.

No loading of the roof and roof trusses.

No moving parts, thus no wear & tear.

No modification of the plumbing.

No drilling of holes in walls and / or ceiling and no ugly wiring on the wall.

No glycerine or other heating medium that may contaminate the water.

Not affected by calcium or any other minerals in the water.

Use of internet / wireless technologies to manage and set the GeyserWorx® parameters.

Uses modern technologies that allow for upgrades of the software and functionalities.

20 year OEM guarantee of the components supplied.


The GeyserWorx Software Application allows the user to set the geyser’s water temperature, as well as switch the system into manual mode to boost the temperature using main power. Timers on the geyser can be set according to consumer’s lifestyle to ensure that hot water is produced during times when needed.

Operating Voltage: 20 to 250V DC

Mains Voltage: 220 V AC, 50Hz

Control Circuit: 5 V DC

Geyser Element Rating: 1kW, 2kW, 3kW & 4kW

Geyser Temperature Control Range: 48 ºC to 85 ºC

Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 ºC to 55 ºC

Temperature Display Range: 0 ºC – 130°C

Earth Leakage Protection at: 25mA action time ≤ 0,1 second

Heat Failure – When Increase at a Rate of: 2 °C or less per hour.

Dry Heat Detection – Empty Cylinder: Required

Temperature Tolerance: < 2%

Temperature Differential Setting: 1°C

Switching Differential for the Element: 6°C

Temperature Probe Failure Detection: Required

Temperature Probe Range for Geyser: -30 ºC to +130 °C

Isolate Both L + N When Element is in an Off State: Required

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