Essential services during Lock down in South Africa

Sonop Solar Hybrid Solar installation installed by qualified professionals
Victron 5KVA Hybrid System
April 3, 2020
Sonop Solar an essential service to agriculture farm animals installing a solar pump in Western Cape South Africa With client
Grundfos SQFlex Solar Pumping System – 2500 liters per hour
April 15, 2020

Essential services during Lock down in South Africa

Sonop Solar support essential services during Lock Down

Sonop Solar support essential services during Lock Down with Solar

CIPC Certificates is not a measure to use to identify essential services and does not authorize a company to continue work at full capacity.

” A company needs to determine themselves based on the regulations if they are regarded as an Essential Service or not.”

Essential services:
Means services, by whomsoever rendered, and whether rendered to the Government or to any other person, the interruption of which would endanger the life, health or personal safety of the whole or part of the population;”

If you support an essential service, like us at Sonop Solar or for example are in the maintenance industry, it means that you are only allowed to continue work if it is to maintain an essential service after which you should have received a letter on their company letter head confirming example maintenance, service and items needed from an essential service.

Not sure what essential or support for essential services are ?
Full list of essential services:…/critical_services_lockdown.pdf

As was made clear when the automated certificate was issued by the CIPC, that the provision thereof was based on information provided by the registered Company itself, and that possession thereof does not in itself constitute the right to continue operating during the lock down period.

“It should be stressed and noted that if you make a false application to the CIPC, and are indeed not an essential service as per the government regulations, such will be taken as a fraudulent application and will render yourself as applicant liable to criminal prosecution and sanction,”
The DTI warned.

Read more:…/trade-and-industry-cancels-certificate…


Steps to place an authorized order, service or  maintenance request.

Even though Sonop Solar is registered as an essential service, we fall under the indirect category of support, thus we are only authorized to work when an essential service is in need:

Steps to authorize Sonop Solar to process order:
1. Ensure the products, service needed is indeed for an essential service.
2. Get a formal letter from the essential service company, organization with company letter head, stating service, products and maintenance needed form you or us.
3. Send letter along with your order and essential service certificate.

Sonop Solar will be able to processes any order and service immediately in a legal way and personal stopped by law enforcement will have the relevant documentation to travel.


This is a hard time for all businesses, but remember life, health and safety should be our only and main priority.

We would love to assist you in this way, the right way.